Unveiling the Power of Thicker Knee Sleeves in Powerlifting: A Game-Changer in Strength Sports

In the realm of powerlifting, where every ounce of strength counts, athletes are constantly seeking ways to push their limits and surpass personal bests. One tool that has garnered increasing attention and acclaim in recent years is the thicker knee sleeve. Far from just a simple accessory, these advanced sleeves are revolutionising the sport, offering a myriad of benefits that can propel athletes to new heights of performance and safety.

Support during heavy lifts

New technology with 7mm thickness

Traditionally, knee sleeves have been viewed as aids for injury prevention and joint support. However, thicker knee sleeves, typically around 7mm in thickness, are taking these benefits to the next level. With advancements in technology, these thicker sleeves are not just passive supporters. They actively contribute to enhancing an athlete’s performance.

Fun fact – super stiffs 7mm knee sleeves are able to hold up to 10kg on top of them!

Faster progression

Thicker knee sleeves are not just a piece of gear – they’re a catalyst for progress in strength training. These sleeves enable athletes to tackle heavier lifts with confidence, accelerating their progression towards their fitness goals. With each session, the ability to push heavier weights fosters faster strength gains and overall advancement in performance.

One of the most exciting aspects of thicker knee sleeves is their ability to facilitate instant performance gains. Athletes often find that they can add extra weight to their lifts almost effortlessly, surpassing previous personal bests with ease. This instant boost in performance not only fuels motivation but also opens up new possibilities for progression and achievement in the sport.

Injury prevention

One of the most significant innovations in these thicker knee sleeves is the incorporation of cutting-edge materials and design elements. These technological advancements provide athletes with unparalleled support and stability during their lifts. Moreover, the thicker construction of these sleeves provides additional benefits beyond strength and stability enhancement. Athletes often report feeling a noticeable increase in warmth around their knees during training sessions. This added warmth not only contributes to better circulation but also helps in preventing injuries by keeping the muscles and joints supple and primed for performance.

Among the industry-leading brands in this space, Smells Like PR knee sleeves stand out as a testament to quality and performance. Trusted by professional athletes in powerlifting and strongman competitions, Smells Like PR knee sleeves have set the standard for excellence in the industry. With their proven track record and commitment to innovation, they continue to be the go-to choice for athletes seeking the ultimate in support, performance, and safety.


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