What are smelling salts and how do they work?

athletes use smelling salts before big lift attemps

Smelling salts have become a popular way for athletes in both strength and regular sports to energise themselves quickly also among people fighting with fatigue and lack of focus. These inhalants, which contain ammonia, are also used in medicine to revive unconscious individuals. Popular among various athletes to be energetic, focused and hyped What are […]

Unveiling the Power of Thicker Knee Sleeves in Powerlifting: A Game-Changer in Strength Sports

In the realm of powerlifting, where every ounce of strength counts, athletes are constantly seeking ways to push their limits and surpass personal bests. One tool that has garnered increasing attention and acclaim in recent years is the thicker knee sleeve. Far from just a simple accessory, these advanced sleeves are revolutionising the sport, offering […]

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